How to keep your swag intact while riding a Segway


The not-so-wide open road, the wind blowing through your hair, and the slight whizzing of the engine–that’s the Segway life. Let’s be honest here, cruisin’ down the street on a Segway probably isn’t going to be the swaggiest thing ever because, really, you’re just standing on a step with wheels on it while wearing a dorky helmet. A lot of people say that it’s impossible to look good on a Segway, so we decided to take on that challenge by making up our own stylish tricks to pimp out even the wimpiest rider. Let’s ride!

No hands titanic

If it’s your first time riding a Segway, it’s guaranteed you’ll try this move once that you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of the basics. Channel your inner Rose and let go of that handle bar. Lean forward as far as you can (this will speed up the Segway) and feel like you’re flying. Just make sure you keep your mouth shut if you don’t want any bugs flying in there.


Relive your childhood of spinning on those cool office chairs with this really easy (you just lean in the direction you want to rotate to) and useful maneuver. Perfect for perfect 360-panoramic shots or just taking a while to take
in the scenery because, damn, these things turn slowly.

Drunk driving (snaking)

While we really don’t advise swerving on any other vehicle, it’s just so much fun to do on the Segway (and this is probably the coolest looking thing to watch on video). Just while leaning forward, shift your weight from left to right to left to right…you get the idea. You’ll create a cool optical illusion making your body look more “bendy” than it is.

Whenever you want to do some off-trail riding, you’ll have to transfer to an either lower or higher surface. To do this, you have to make sure both of the Segway’s wheels transfer at the same time, so your Segway has less chance of tipping over. You can actually ride downstairs on it if you have enough stability and leg strength; going up, though, we still think the elevator is the better option.

The lean back
While this move requires some balance and confidence (not advised for people who have trust issues) it’s probably one of the smoothest moves you can pull off on this machine. Slowly tip your weight behind you until you feel the Segway start going in reverse—now just pull up your pants and do the rockaway…lean back, lean back, lean back.