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Make Ghostbusters Your like Coach

Ghostbusters never really hit our screens, yet we’re still as big fan boys as everyone else. There’s Ray’s childlike wonder (“You gotta try this pole!”), Egon’s clinical lack of emotion, Peter’s endearing cynicism, Winston’s sod-it-it’s-a-job attitude. But beyond marshmallow men, inter-dimensional fridges and a great dickless gag, Ghostbusters is full of lessons no other “kids” film […]



The Art of Enjoying Coffee

You should indulge in these rituals to achieve the right kind of pleasure while drinking your coffee. It’s true that people drink coffee to avoid drowsiness, but others say it multitasks as an introduction to topics of conversation and is the birthplace of brilliant ideas. The scope is constantly changing. Some coffeeheads prefer their caffeine […]



How to keep your swag intact while riding a Segway

The not-so-wide open road, the wind blowing through your hair, and the slight whizzing of the engine–that’s the Segway life. Let’s be honest here, cruisin’ down the street on a Segway probably isn’t going to be the swaggiest thing ever because, really, you’re just standing on a step with wheels on it while wearing a […]