10 Camping must-haves


1- Tent
The first thing you need to sort out are the sleeping arrangements. Because shivering in the cold and getting drenched in the rain are for masochist. Real men deserve a good night’s rest. Even in the wilderness. What you need then, is a tent. What kind, will depend on the kind of use it will be put through. If a few days in the rain forest is your thing, you should be looking at a waterproof one. On the other hand, if the desert is your kingdom, you’d be better off with something which allows for better ventilation. Another factor to consider is the number of people that will be using it.

2- Sleeping Bag
A good sleeping bag is a camper’s best friend. It keeps the cold outside and you, nice
and toasty inside. Consider the temperature rating, shape, weight and the filling material when buying one. The smaller and lighter the bag, the easier it will be to carry.


3- Sleeping pad
Couple a sleeping pad to your sleeping bag and you will be much more comfortable. It
gives cushioning and adds a layer of insulation. We suggest you go for at least a 72 inch length pad so your shoulders and hips fit on the pad.


4- Base Layer Clothing
When trekking or exploring the wilderness, you’ll be best served having a base layer underneath. It will keep you dry and acts as a second skin. Go for synthetic material for hot climes and wool construction for cold temperatures. Shirts and bottoms are sold separately although onesies are also available if you like that sort of thing. We’re not judging.


5- Hiking Boots
Out camping, expecting your sneakers to hold up is like committing hara-kiri. Invest in a pair of hiking shoes instead. For shorter hikes or mild trails, a pair of light weight, flexible hiking shoes should do. For rough terrain, a pair of high ankle boots are a must.


6- Backpack
All that stuff will not carry itself, so pick a backpack wisely. We suggest a 55 litre pack volume. Do note, that the volume of the backpack is not an indicator of the actual size


7- Camping Knife
Whether it’s hunting fish or making a camp fire, a knife can be an infinitely useful tool. You can either buy a fixed blade knife or a multi tool kit, based on your requirements. We however suggest the former. Fixed blade knives are available in 3-inch to 7-inch varieties. If you are going to traverse through dense vegetation, you’ll be better off with a larger knife. Most campers carry one large and one small one. The second criteria to consider is the quality. Buy a stainless stell blade with a durable polycarbonate handle.


8- Stove
A stove is what you’ll need when hunger kicks in. These are two types: cartridge and liquid fuel type. Cartridge type are pretty much maintenance free and light. Liquid fuel types can be a bit difficult to operate. Just don’t set the forest on fire.


9- Flashlight
A flashlight is your only source of light after the sun sets. The most important bit when buying one is a strong beam of light. The longer the range and wider the spread of light, the better it is.


10- Outer Layer Clothing
The best way to beat the cold is by dressing in layers of clothing. Depending on how cold it is, go for a basic windbreaker or fleece material.